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The Actors

The actors profiled here may not fit the standard kind of "beauty" that our magazines or media like to portray, but they all share that intangible quality of spirit and presence that makes them uniquely beautiful in their own right.

~ billy boyd ~

~ alisen down ~

~ ioan gruffudd ~

~ anthony michael hall ~

~ paul mccarthy ~

~ sally mclean ~

~ kate mulgrew ~

~ adrian pasdar ~

Billy Boyd (Coming Soon, Taggart)
Alisen Down (Mysterious Ways, Da Vinci's Inquest)
Ioan Gruffudd (Hornblower, Man and Boy)
Anthony Michael Hall (The Dead Zone, Pirates of Silicone Valley)
Paul McCarthy (Comedy Inc., Fast Forward)
Sally McLean (Bootleg, Blue Heelers)
Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek, Heartbeat)
Adrian Pasdar (Mysterious Ways, Feds)


Please take note: I do not know any of these actors personally, and I cannot send on any email for them or contact them in any way for you. I have listed their official site (where available) or other sites that may provide that information for you at the end of their listing. Please don't email me asking me to pass on mail to them. I won't be able to help you.

I'm always interested in what other people find attractive about someone. In light of this, I'm running the current poll about what visitors find attractive about their favourite television actors. Feel free to participate.


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